High School/Middle School Gazelles

Join other young athletes in this fun, yet demanding, training group designed to take runners to the next level. Whether your focus is on sprints, middle distance, or longer distance, this class provides a bridge between the cross country and track seasons, helping you develop speed, strength, endurance and an increased knowledge of running. Runners age 8-16 years old are welcome, though space is limited. Coached by NCAA champion Bernard Manirakiza, runners will learn proper methods and mechanics during their training sessions, using the following techniques:

• Speed Enhancement
• Agility drills
• Drills to strengthen your core muscles
• Workouts to build power
• Interval training
• Endurance training
• Flexibility strategies
• Self- Improvement, Self-Esteem
• Nutrition advice

The class meets on Monday/Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45 PM and Saturdays 7:30am beginning September 5. Locations vary depending on the workout but usually utilize the Austin High track and different areas of Zilker Park. All runners receive the Gazelle Discount (15% off) at RunTex stores for all of their shoe and apparel needs!

Start Date:
First Monday of Every Month

$100.00 Per Month if attending on Saturdays
$65.00 Per Month if not attending on Saturdays

Gilbert’s Gazelles Boston Marathon Training

The class of all marathons in the United States, Boston has been a Gazelles stomping ground for the past nine years. Come and train under former NCAA Champion and world-renowned coach Gilbert Tuhabonye as he takes you through his tried and true program for your best experience yet. In 2010, 90% of those training with the Gazelles requalified to run Boston again in 2011, and in 2011 41 of our 42 registrants traveled to run the race.

The group features workouts to prepare your body for the rigors of the rolling hills – taking you through some of the most beautiful areas of Austin. You will gain a broad understanding of training philosophy, race strategy, nutrition, and more. Weekly runs include core-centric circuit training, intervals, tempos, fartleks, hills, pace and long runs.

• Training calendar tailored to your needs
• 15% discount at all RunTex locations
• 7 Free Core & Yoga Classes per week
• On-site physical therapists
• Video Analysis of your running form
• Bonus stretching on Saturdays after long run
• Online forum, videos, Gazelle gear

Meeting Times:
Mon/Wed 7:30 a.m. or 9:15 a.m. or Tue/Thu 5:45 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. +

ALL Saturday 6:00 a.m.

Start Date:
Dec 3, 2012

$275.00 For New Members
$225.00 For Returning Gazelles

Gilbert’s Gazelles Austin/Houston Marathon & Half Marathon Training

Are you running your first marathon? Trying to qualify for Boston? Want to improve? Join Austin’s legendary training group for marathon training the Gazelles™ way – learning to Run With Joy.

Over the past nine years, hundreds of Gazelles have run up and down the hills of Austin to train and race in one of the largest races in the United States. You’ll train under former NCAA champion and world reknowned running coach Gilbert Tuhabonye and his team of assistants in an exciting group dynamic where you’ll gain a broad understanding of training philosophy, race strategy, nutrition and more. In 2009 Gilbert finished 2nd overall at the Austin Marathon, and in 2010 he finished 4th. Other coaches include Bernard Manirakiza (‘09 Half Marathon Champion), Michael Madison (‘10, ’11 Top-20), and Kenny Hill.
Gazelle workouts include hills, circuit training, core training, intervals, tempos, fartlek, pace and long runs.
  • Customized training calendar tailored to your needs
  • 15% discount at all RunTex locations
  • 9 Free Boot Camp/Yoga Classes per week, Indoor Workout Facility
  • On-site physical therapists
  • Video Analysis of your running form
  • Bonus stretching on SaturdaysOnline forum, videos, Gazelle gear

Meeting Times:
Mon/Wed 5:45 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. or 9:15 a.m. or Tue/Thu 5:30 p.m. + Saturday 6:00 a.m.

Gilbert’s Gazelles 2012 Destination Marathon/Half Marathon

For 2012 we are offering something new to Gazelles by encouraging you to sign up for a marathon of our choosing. Gilbert has selected the California International Marathon (Sacramento) on December 2nd as the first ever “Gazelle Destination” event. It’s our goal to have 150+ runners traveling to the marathon and relay for an exciting weekend, excellent course, and great weather!

Perks Include:

Guaranteed Registration (must sign up by September 1st)
Discount Hotels
Discount Airfare (pending)
Coaches Travel With The Group

Are you running your first marathon or half marathon? Trying to qualify for Boston? Want to improve? Join Austin’s legendary training group for marathon training the Gazelles way. Runners of all different abilities are welcome to this exciting group dynamic where you’ll gain a broad understanding of training philosophy, race strategy, nutrition and more under the guidance of former NCAA champion Gilbert Tuhabonye.

All groups meet at RunTex Riverside in the Gazelle Training Center. Workouts typically last 65-75 minutes and incorporate a variety of intervals, hills, track sessions, fartleks, tempo runs, pace runs, long runs and more!

On Saturdays, all Gazelle groups meet at 6 AM for the long run which feature courses tailored toward preparing you for the marathon. All long runs are fully supported with detailed routes, water/Gatorade every 2-2.5 miles, coaches on-site, and a bonus stretching session afterward.

– Three (3) group meetings per week with bonus stretching session on Saturdays
– Customized training calendar tailored to your needs and ability
– Occasional video analysis of your running form pending light, weather, etc.
– Complimentary participation in up to eight (8) Boot Camp/Yoga classes per week
– Access to an online services, including a member forum, videos and a Gazelle Gear store with specially priced apparel.
– 15% discount on apparel and gear at all RunTex locations

Additional Information:
1) There is no stand-alone half marathon, however, there is a relay of 2-6 participants.
2) We are not arranging travel for any participants.
3) A list of hotels with discounted rates will be provided in August 2012.
4) We are not registering any participants – you must do it on your own through the Sacramento website.

Meeting Times:
Downtown – Mon/Wed 5:45 a.m., 7:30 a.m. or 9:15 a.m. or Circle C – T/Th 5:45 AM or Far West – M/W 5:45 AM + Downtown Saturday 6:00 a.m.

Start Date:
Monday, August 6, 2012

$285.00 New Gazelles (One Time Payment for Entire Training)
$235.00 Returning Gazelles (One Time Payment for Entire Training)

Gilbert’s Gazelles Training 2012

This training program focuses on bio-mechanics, strength and endurance and is geared to all levels of runners.

The coach for this program is former NCAA All-American Gilbert Tuhabonye, who believes that by transforming an athlete’s bio-mechanics, running becomes a joy and the likelihood of injury is significantly limited. Gilbert brings his running and life experience to the training in an educational and inspiring format that stresses his love and commitment to the sport.

Workouts take place each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 5.15-6.30pm. In order that we may provide personalized instruction, the morning session (5:45 AM) is currently closed to new participants unless given special permission.

• Customized training calendar tailored to your needs
• 15% discount at all RunTex locations
• 7 Free Boot Camp/Core Classes per week, Indoor Workout Facility
• On-site physical therapists
• Video Analysis of your running form
• Bonus stretching on Saturdays
• Online forum, videos, Gazelle gear

Meeting Times:
Tue/Thu 5:45 a.m. or 5:15 p.m. + Saturday 6:00 a.m.

Start Date:
First Tuesday of Every Month

$140.00 first 2 months
$75.00 each month thereafter

Gilbert’s Gazelles Spring 10K

This program is specifically for runners who are looking to participate in the myriad 10K’s and 5K’s in March and April.

Wanting to take the challenge of completing your first 10K? Or maybe you’re looking to improve on your time from last year and garner the coveted age group award? Whether you’re searching for a life-changing experience or a structured training program and everything in between, this group is for you!

The Gazelle Spring 10K group is all about getting you prepared for any of the local races during March or April. Featuring two week-day workouts and a weekend long run option, we help devise a training schedule for your needs to help you have the most enjoyable experience under the eyes of former professional runner and renowned motivational speaker Gilbert Tuhabonye. Through a variety of workouts focusing on strength and speed, we help you learn how to “Run With Joy” and keep your body injury free!

Class Dates: January 7th – April 28th

• Customized training calendar tailored to your needs
• 15% discount at all RunTex locations
• 7 Free Boot Camp & Yoga Classes per week
• On-site physical therapists
• Video Analysis of your running form
• Bonus stretching on Saturdays
• Online forum, videos, Gazelle gear

Meeting Times:
Class Options: RunTex Riverside: Mon/Wed 5:45 a.m. or Tu/Th 5:15 p.m. Circle C: Tue/Th 5:45 a.m. (Coach Bernard Manirakiza – 3-time Cap 10K Champion) Far West: Mon/Wed 5:45 a.m. (Coach Sonya Manson) + All: Saturday Long Run @ RunTex Riverside

Start Date:
Saturday, January 7th

$200.00 Cost for full program, New Members
$175.00 Cost for full program, Returning Gazelles

Beginners’ Corner: Six Time-Efficient Workouts

A reality check: Few of us have adequate time to do everything we need to get done in a given day and still train optimally for an upcoming marathon or half marathon. If we did have all day to train, stretch, strength train and maybe get a massage, we’d be professional runners (and you wouldn’t have to read this).

For the rest of us working stiffs, we’re lucky if we can squeeze a short workout in on our lunch hour or before or after work. Demands on what little free time we have is one of the harsh realities of having a job (or school) and family and trying to have some resemblance of a life.

For most of us, free, unfettered, guilt-free time is precious. Granted, we just don’t have too much of it and yet we still need to train.

If that sounds a little like you, here are six time-efficient workouts that you can do in an under an hour that will help get you in shape for any of the upcoming Austin Distance Challenge races or the two big winter races: The 3M Half Marathon on January 29th and/or the Livestrong Austin Marathon on February 19th.

Try to begin each of the following workouts with a relaxed 5-10 minutes of easy, warmup running, followed by a few strides, butt kicks or backward running. Following the workout, also plan on another couple of minutes of easy running as your cooldown.

Sample workouts:

1. Hill repeats. Find a moderately tough hill that is 400-600 meters long. After your warmup, pick up the pace for about five minutes of fast-paced running that—ideally—should bring you to the base of the hill. For each of the climbs up the hill, you should plan to take between three and four minutes of actual climbing. Try to work the hill hard by maintaining a strong forward leg drive and arm motion that powers you up. Don’t overstride. Following each climb, jog down very slowly and make sure you don’t bounce or skip down. Aim for doing three or four repeats. Some good, tough hills in Austin that are frequently used by runners: Wilke in Barton Hills, Mount Bonnell, Shepherd’s Mountain (Courtyard Drive), Jester Boulevard, Exposition, Rain Creek, Mesa Drive or Ladera Norte. (Note: Some of these are longer than a three or four-minute climb. For the longer, tougher ones, one or two repeats should suffice.)

2. Tempo run. One of the best types of workouts that gets you ready to race is a solid tempo run. After warming up, increase the pace to somewhere between your 10-K and 15-K race pace (if you don’t know what that is, make sure it’s faster than your half-marathon speed) and maintain that speed for anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. Try to do your tempo run on a stretch of road or on Lady Bird Lake Trail on which you won’t have to stop or be slowed down by traffic. Tempo runs are terrific for improving your speed endurance—i.e., holding onto a race pace. Follow the tempo with at least 10 minutes of slow running. A tempo run can look like this: 2 x 10 minutes at tempo pace with three minutes jogging in between. Or 2 x 15 minutes with five minutes of jogging. The longer the tempo, the longer the jog recovery. The eastern portions of Lady Bird Trail are ideal (less foot traffic) as is the road around Zilker Park.

3. Fast-paced running. A fast-paced workout is faster than a tempo run, but slower than an interval workout. After finishing 10 minutes of warming up, speed up to either 5-K or 10-K race pace and hold onto that speed for five minutes. The speed should be hard and fast. If you can converse while doing it, you aren’t running fast enough. Aim to complete 2-3 runs of five minutes. In between each one, allow a short recovery (keep running slowly) of three minutes. You can do this on a track.

4. Warp speed. These are short bursts of flat-out speed that are designed to increase the rapidity of your leg turnover. After the 10 minutes of slow running for your warmup, do a series of two-minute runs at your maximum speed. Push the pace with everything you have. Try to do between three and five bursts of speed with a two-minute recovery jog in between each one. Follow the warp-speed runs with a 10-minute cooldown run. These are tough and fast so make sure your legs are fresh and rested when you do this workout. A track is often the best place for these.

5. Fartlek. A fartlek workout is an unstructured, go-as-you-feel speed session that can be based on time, topography or just how fast you want to run on that particular day. Run fast for as long as you want or with whatever intensity that feels right. For example, you pick up the pace as you run to the top of a hill, stretches of trail or to a landmark. Or run fast between every road sign, phone pole or traffic light. Or, just run the uphills hard and coast the flats. Whatever suits your fancy. Vary your speed, but keep it fast and interesting.

6. One minute on/one-minute off. This is a productive workout for honing your speed for an impending race in a day or two. It’s simple. After warming up, go for a 20-30 minute run. During the run, accelerate to race speed for one minute (the pace for whichever race is coming up) and then back off for another minute to recover. Repeat. That way, you should get at least 10 minutes of race-pace running in. This is ideal for simulating race conditions.

As you progress in your training for the fall and winter racing season, try to incorporate several or all of these workouts into your training schedule. You should be able to squeeze any of these workouts into your limited time and still reap the benefits of increased speed, better feel for race pace and improved strength.