Dash to the Splash is a 10K, 5K Kids 1K Run http://www.varley.net/online/ and FUN FEST that benefits the SELF Foundation.

The event will start at Towne Square Park in

Steiner Ranch.

This is a going to be a fun event but expect to get wet! There will be people stationed with water devices throughout the event as well as water slides at the finish line area. This is Austin, so you can expect a live band(TBA) as well as some great food vendors!

Born To Run Development Programs – All Levels

Born To Run – Running Developmental Programs

Why is it that 50% off runners spend 50% of the year injured?  Why is it so many runners don’t achieve their goal times?  I believe it is their training habits.  So many simply runners run too much with out varied paces, and the drills and aerobic cross training to maintain the muscle strength and conditioning in the entire body, which allows for healthy and proper running year around.

There is a misconception that this type of training is too hard, unnecessary, and the root of injuries.  This is not the case.  The entry into this type of training can be too hard, too much and create injuries if you jump into a speed workout, or an interval workout you aren’t prepared for.   What I am writing about is quite different.

This program starts with small doses of very easy movements.  As the athlete gains strength and coordination they experience great improvements in their stride, efficiency and comfort.

We help runners experience a training program that eases them into training like the pro’s.  The benefit is this routine is reduced injuries, increased efficiency and power which leads to longer distances, faster paces and faster times, with less effort.

This routine helps beginning runners, runners who are getting back in shape, runners who are currently running on a regular basis but avoiding this structured routine.   We have found that both ends of the spectrum can do this routine together.  While one is adding it to their current mileage to supplement, the other is building the strength to be able to increase mileage with efficiency, comfort and less injuries.

Adult – Base Conditioning:  Wednesday Night at 5:45 pm at the State Capitol and Saturday Morning at 8 am at Ready To Run on Farwest Blvd.  Program Cost is $15 per session, $60 per month.

Adult – Running Development:  Tuesday and Thursday night at 5:45 pm and Sunday Morning at 8 am for a progressive endurance run that works on building Aerobic Capacity and Aerobic Power.  As a member of the program, You will also receive a schedule for your recovery  days and email access for questions.  I will also be available on Saturday’s at 2pm for questions and discussions on valuable running and health topics.   Program Cost is $15 per session, $40 per month for one workout per week, $60 per month for two workouts per week and $75 for three workouts per week.

Children – Afterschool Running and Conditioning Program: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:45 pm at Ready To Run on Farwest Blvd.  Program Cost is $10 per session, $25 per week or $80 per month

Men’s Program – Designed for Men 50 + who want to do the base conditioning necessary to maintain a high quality of life.  Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45 am.  Program cost is $15 per session and $40 per month for one workout a week and $60 for two workouts per week.

One on One Consulting is also available at a rate of $100/hour

For Registration or Questions, please email paul@paulcarrozza.com

Enrollment Period – Runner’s are buy viagra 100mg welcome to start when ready.  The meeting place is  at Ready to Run (3616 Farwest Blvd).  You Buy generic viagra pills can register at:  http://mkt.com/btr

Dash Down Greenville 5K

Join the sea http://mnbiofuels.org/cialis-online-drugstore of green and start your St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the St. Paddy’s Day Dash Down http://stillbirthalliance.org/buy-viagra-today Greenville. ‘Twill be a fine Generic Viagra Online Pharmacy morning to celebrate, even if you were only Irish for the day. We’re expecting a record number of people this year to don their green gear, and run (or walk) with us down Greenville Avenue right before the big parade. We’ll have beer, food, a live band, cash prizes, and more fun than ever before. Besides having fun, you’ll get to contribute to the North Texas Food Bank, the annual beneficiary of the event.

Head for the Cure 5K Central Texas

Head for the Cure 5K events are unique tributes to those fighting brain cancer and those who have lost their battles. Celebrating the lives and legacies of those with brain cancer has always been central to the atmosphere at Head for the Cure events. Some participants show up simply to race and many show up in solidarity for a loved one, past or present. Together, they strive to defeat brain cancer step by step.

Gritness 100

Test your endurance, strength, power and speed at Gritness 100, the longest 100 yards you’ll ever run! Together, teams of 2 will work their way up and down a 100 yard field knocking out 10 other challenges as fast as they can. Prizes will be given to the fastest finishers including a cash purse of $500 for the top elite male and female team. Spectators are encouraged to cheer on the athletes and enjoy a day of fun, fitness and friendly competition benefiting the YMCA East Communities Branch.

Llano Estacado Winery Half-Marathon & Vintage 5K

Savor the experience of a spectacular 3-part Half Marathon & 5K series while sippin’ on Texas Wines. Then enjoy the delicious Food & Wine event after the race!

Join the 2014 Texas Wine Series and run in the heart of the Texas Wine Country.

From the Half Marathon course touching down in vineyards to the taste of the grapes on the vine, there’s something special for you. Each race event showcases the local harvest of grapes to wine and for the perfect end to an amazing run, enjoy the Food & Wine After Party.

It’s the perfect runner’s weekend out! This is your opportunity to schedule 4 weekends to yourself in the most sought-after destinations in Texas, its wine regions. Your half marathon will take you through four breathtakingly beautiful vineyards with beautiful scenery in pockets of Texas which are preserved for their beauty and charm. Afterward, you’ll enjoy the Food & Wine Event where you’ll savor mouthwatering food and fabulous wines grown in the region! Between your run and the tasty treats, you’ll see why Texas never tasted so good.

Give Love 5K

Help St. Jude find cures and save children:
St. Jude Thanks and Giving is a holiday campaign that unites retail and corporate partners, celebrities, and media, and asks people everywhere to support St. Jude lifesaving mission. Carrera Races is hosting their 5K Race in San Antonio, Texas as part of their giving campaign.

“Give thanks for the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not.”
– Marlo Thomas