Scotty Mac Turns in Marathon PR, Finishes Second in Philly

Scott MacPherson, Austin’s top road racer, PR’ed in the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday and finished second in 2:18:30 to pick up $2000. MacPherson had only run one prior marathon, a dispiriting 2:27:15 in the Olympic Marathon Trials in January in Houston, but in Philly he finished less than a minute behind the winning time of 2:17:47 by Michael McKeeman of Philadelphia.

MacPherson’s teammate Allison Macsas also had a solid race with a time of 2:44:50 which was good for eighth woman. Jillian Moser of Austin ran 2:55:09 to finish among the top 25 women.

Other Austinites who ran Philly included Sunday Patterson (3:21:55), Scott Donald (3:26:55), Renee Reynolds (3:31:55), Patrick Mcalpine (3:32:50), Hal Taylor (3:34:34), Vinkesh Mehta (3:35:17), Brandy Dodson (3:37:31),Ginny Grote (3:54:42) and Bethany Nagel (3:57:32).

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